Chicken and Duck Eggs

While the chickens and ducks are free to eat grasses and bugs and whatever they want out on pasture, year-round, they do also enjoy a bit of supplemental food.

We've always given them organic food to eat, but for the past year or so, we've been feeding them Scratch and Peck starter, grower, or layer feed, depending on their age and needs.  Scratch and Peck is sourced in the Pacific North West, is organic, and - because the folks at S&P know the farmers - is certified GMO-free.

No soy.  No corn.  Just high-quality, whole grains (the starter feed is cracked) and peas, with supplements and minerals as needed by age.

And all the bugs and grasses they want!
The poultry have an important job on our pastures - the chickens help spread cow poop and help keep the bugs that bother the cows and sheep under control.  The ducks eat snails and slugs - which is important, because the life cycle of a pest that's prevalent in our wet pastures includes time inside a snail.  Foraging outside keeps the birds healthy and happy, adds to the fertility of the pastures, and helps keep the sheep and cows healthy.

The prices for our eggs:
Duck eggs are $6/dozen
"Ginormous" chicken eggs (2.3 ounces or larger) are $5/dozen
"Large +" chicken eggs (1.9 to 2.3 ounces) are $4/dozen
Pullet (young hen just started laying) chicken eggs (under 1.9 ounces) are $3/dozen

We sell them from our self-serve egg stand at the farm - you can come get them any time if we have them in stock.  The banner will be up if we think we have eggs in the cooler!
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